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Hare KrSNASchool of Bhakti Partnerships

For millennia the knowledge of bhakti yoga remained within the boundaries of India. In the late 60s, His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, embarked on a journey to spread this knowledge of the yoga of love, throughout the world. Though he left behind a wealth of spiritual literature, only a small percentage have been able to deeply glean its wisdom to transform their lives. Recognising this, a team of devotees from Bhaktivedanta Manor in the UK set to work with the goal of presenting this ancient spiritual knowledge in a dynamic, interactive, and relevant manner that catered to the needs, interests and concerns of the modern-day students. Thus, the School of Bhakti was formed.

This incredible success of the School of Bhakti is something we want to share with the whole world. By partnering and affiliating with the School of Bhakti, you’ll become part of a network sharing ideas, resources and educational techniques with each other to create a more dynamic spiritual education across the globe. We invite you to please come forward, affiliate and partner with the School of Bhakti, so we can join forces in making this beautiful wisdom found in Srila Prabhupada’s books reach many more hearts in a powerful and beautiful way

Our Vision

Every Town & Village

To serve Srila Prabhupada’s desire for bhakti-yoga to be taught in every country, city, town and village, School of Bhakti is reaching out to anyone who would like to form a partnership. As we unite in this spiritual adventure, more and more people will access these teachings in an understandable, inspiring, and relevant way.


HH S.B Keshava Swami

Visionary Leader -School of Bhakti Partnerships

 Bhaja Govindam Das

Volunteer - School of Bhakti

Bhupesh Kumar

Volunteer - School of Bhakti

Ramya Raju

Volunteer - School of Bhakti

School of bhakti

Interested In Partnership

When I took the Caitanya Caritamrta course at Bhakti School, I really liked the material used by them. This inspired me  to partner with them  to translate their courses into Portuguese. I particularly appreciate the systematic study of the scriptures and believe that our institution could benefit from that. At the moment we are working on the translation of the Gita Life material and look forward to starting the classes soon. 

Govinda Gopal Das

Govinda Gopal Das

São Paulo's Centro Hare Krsna de Bhakti Yoga-Brazil

Two years ago, under the auspicious guidance of devotees, we started the local preaching program which runs twice a week. In 2022, joined School of Bhakti and got introduced to the various courses. We started using the Gita course from School of Bhakti for the local preaching program and have been using this for the past 6 months which has helped with the students’ resolve in purpose and maintaining their spiritual resilience.

Kirtika Patel

Kirtika Patel

ISKCON Eldoret

The goals of School of bhakti and their partnership with devotees worldwide inspired me to sign up for the partnership programme.They provide support through amazing resources and wonderful faculties.Recently I joined their facilitator hub training programme which was quite useful to enhance my preaching skills.Looking forward to continue working with the SB partnerships team

Abirami Chidambaram

Abirami Chidambaram